Abilene Dyslexia Center

The mission of the Dyslexia Center is to provide the skills of written language for our clients/students to reach their individual goals. The Dyslexia Center works with everyone from elementary, middle and high school children to adults, where the individual needs of the client/student are directly addressed.


Dyslexia is a language learning difference. Dyslexia is of congenital origin (born with it), characterized by difficulties in reading single words. In addition, there may also be problems with proficiency in writing and spelling.

The training at the center utilizes the Take Flight method, a structured, multisensory system of teaching, reading, writing, spelling, reading comprehension and verbal expression. Take Flight is an adaption and modification of Orton-Gillingham-Childs approach to remedial language training. The three modalities, auditory (ears), visual (eyes) and kinesthetic (hands, arms and face muscles) are all incorporated simultaneously in the training.


The Dyslexia Center continues to keep abreast of the Scientific Based Reading Research in the area of dyslexia. When needed with some students, Alphabet Phonics is taught. Alphabet Phonics was developed over a ten year period in an interdisciplinary setting with 1,000 children at the Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas, Texas. It has been termed the "science of the english language".


These programs are for students who are intellectually normal, but are having problems with reading, written language and/or spelling. Many students need direct synthesizing phonics deliberately taught first, before whole words and basal readers. A number of students who are not dyslexic have taken this course at the Dyslexia Center because they (and/or their parents) want this information in order for them to have a better foundation in middle school, high school and/or college.


Victoria Stevenson received her B.S. Degree from Hardin Simmons University, and her dyslexic training from West Texas Scottish Rite Learning Center in Lubbock, Texas, and Texas Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas, Texas. She is certified as an Academic Language Therapist, Qualified Instructor, Alphabetic Phonics Therapist, Master Alphabet Phonics Instructor and Licensed Dyslexia Therapist by the State of Texas Health Department.


Victoria taught for thirty-two years in the Abilene Independent School District, over twenty years of which was spent in the Special Education setting, as a dyslexic teacher and then a reading specialist. Her teaching certificate from the State of Texas is for grades one through twelve. While teaching, Victoria wrote and implemented a pilot program for dyslexic students. The results of the two year dyslexic pilot program were presented at the Partnership School Initiative state conference in Dallas, Texas. In 1991 she was awarded the Champion of Children by the Abilene PTA City Council for her work with dyslexia. In 2001, Hardin Simmons University honored Victoria with the Doctor Stanton Barron Leadership Visionary Award for her work with dyslexia. She also served as the librarian for the HSU Multisensory Language Training Center, where in the 2000-2001 school year she worked with the teachers training program at HSU.

Victoria is now a private dyslexic therapist and owner of the Abilene Dyslexic Center.